About Royal Phoenix

Royal Phoenix's Vision

Our vision at Royal Phoenix is to establish a clothing line whose focuses more on people ever-changing lifestyle choices. From athletes, to teachers, to scientists, to music artists; we want every customer to feel comfortable wearing our clothing during any daily event in their lives. Royal Phoenix clothing is for people who want to feel and look good in the clothes they buy.  Regardless of shape or height, Royal Phoenix strives to provide clothing that fits everyone who may be Perfectly Imperfect

We strive to have a wide variety of satisfied customers from all races, creeds, colors, ages and occupations.  

Meet the Owner




Katrina is 6’ foot loving mother, wife and Engineer that has always battled with finding clothes her size. Being a college volleyball athlete and volleyball club coach as well, Katrina would always see the struggle of other tall athletes when trying to find clothing for multiple events in their lives.  Katrina vowed to find a clothing line that would provide options for tall people in general, regardless of their race, creed or color.  Royal Phoenix clothing line will use it's platform to promote self-esteem for all shapes and sizes to show everyone can feel good in the skin they are in.